• Data Recovery & Backup

When was the last time you backed up your hard drive? An unexpected hard drive crash can wipe out years of documents in an instant. Most clients don’t realize they should be keeping a backup of their files until it’s too late. Our experts can help you set up an automatic system to backup your data so that you never lose any of your most important files.

Hardware Failure

All of your most prized photos, documents and files are now stored digitally on your computer. We all count on our hard drives, flash and USB drives to reliably store those files, but they are all subject to failure and can lead to partial or total loss of data. At Denmun we have the ability to recover lost data and restore your files to working condition. If you experience hardware failure, let our skilled technicians help you recover the files.

Data Recovery

Hardware failure can lead to the loss of valuable data for you or your company. If you experience hardware failure or have accidentally deleted files, we can help you try to recover the lost data. Our trained technicians can assist with data restoration on-site or in our Santa Barbara workshop. We provide data recovery assistance to both individuals and corporate offices.

Deleted Files

If you have accidentally deleted an important file or document, immediately shut off your computer and contact us to recover the lost data. (805) 682-9554. Any attempt to recover the file yourself could overwrite the file and lose the data forever. The technicians at Denmun are experts in restoring lost data and can help increase your chances of recovering the deleted files.

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